Democracy Champions


Meet the democracy champions

Democracy is a shared value which unites young people around the world. Our democracy champions are some of these young people. They’re looking to inspire others to help the world work towards a future with liberal values at its heart.

Read what our democracy champions have to say about what democracy means to them, why it’s so important in a post-pandemic world, and the risk disinformation poses to democratic society.

Bryan, USA

Democracy is the consent of the people to be governed.

Worldwide, countries instituted extraordinary measures to keep citizens safe from the virus. In many cases, governments acted without consulting the people to meet the timely demand of immediate safety concerns. As the pandemic ends any governmental measures that remain in place must now undergo the democratic process. Thankfully, we are emerging from the threat of COVID. Now, the democratic lever can tilt the world back towards freedom.”

Tinatin, Georgia

Democracy is the source of freedom.

Democratic governments can be pioneers in building bridges and opportunities for everyone thus making it possible for young people to have access to formal/informal diplomatic platforms.”

Tomas, Lithuania

Democracy is discussion.

During the pandemic discussion was limited and face to face communication was limited. Democratic values were endangered as we had to act proactively and make decisions faster. Fears were also about in this pandemic world, fears of the unknown, and people used this fear to their benefit, spreading disinformation to undermine it. We must listen more to understand each other and each other’s fears. It’s worth it to live in a world where we are not afraid of each other, of the government that rules us, or afraid to create a future we want to live in.”

Rey, South Africa

Democracy is inclusive.

It is essential for the youth to be agents of the change they desire.The youth should not only be seen as beneficiaries of the change they seek but rather as meaningful participants in establishing contemporary and trailblazing counter measures to the issues that affect them, as well as overseeing their implementation.”

Walter, Guatemala

Democracy is equality.

The Covid-19 pandemic is just one more example of the importance of the civic and political participation of women in any democracy. If we want to build in the future better societies and stronger democracies, we cannot do it without women.”

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