Our shared values


What democracy means

The values of democracy

In a democracy, power is held by the people. We can impact important decisions by voting for them and by freely expressing opinions. We can also be supported by a fair and independent judicial system and free media.

This creates a system of opportunity and inclusivity – a society where we can all thrive and work together towards a stronger, safer and more resilient society.

Benefits of democracy

A democratic society is underpinned by shared values which ensure that we can express ourselves without fear and that our rights and freedoms are protected.

Freedom of expression

Democracy protects your right to hold and express your views aloud. It means you are free to research, read and engage with different points of view without fear or interference.

Rule of law

Democracy protects your right to an independent judicial system. It means you can be confident that any case will be decided fairly and in accordance with the law.

Independent media

A free and independent media supports the expression and open exchange of ideas, allowing citizens to push for change and for democracy to thrive.


Democracy protects your right to be treated equally and fairly, whoever you are and however you identify. It means that we can all expect to be included and empowered as we are.

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